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Russian U18 in shape

Russian U18 in shape

Wins Four Nations on home ice

Published 27.11.2015 06:11 GMT-5 | Author Martin Merk
Russian U18 in shape
Sweden was Russia's toughest opponent at the Four Nations tournament in Dmitrov. Photo: Mika Kylmaniemi / HHOF-IIHF Images
The November break was also the last opportunity to play tournaments before the 2016 IIHF Ice Hockey U18 Women’s World Championship in St. Catharines, Canada.

Russia won the Four Nations Tournament it hosted in Dmitrov in the Moscow Region. The Russians beat Finland 5-2 before continuing with a 6-1 victory over Germany. On the last they the home team faced Sweden, which also started successfully beating Germany (2-1) and Finland (3-0), for a winner-take-all game.

The tight game for tournament win ended with Russia edging the Swedes 2-1. Linnea Andersson opened the scoring for Sweden at 14:37 but the Russians replied with two second-period goals from Landysh Falyakhova and Daria Zubok that changed the game.

Austria also won its own tournament on home ice. The event was staged in Radenthein and Spittal an der Drau where the Austrians will host the 2016 IIHF Ice Hockey U18 Women’s World Championship Division I Qualification. The Austrians beat Switzerland (4-3) and Italy (4-0) in regulation time and had a 3-2 shootout loss against second-placed Slovakia but that was enough since the Slovaks didn’t have enough points after an opening-day shootout loss to Switzerland.

Italy upset Switzerland and finished the tournament in third place ahead of their neighbours who played below their expectations with eight U18 players away to play with the senior national team.

In a Four Nations Tournament in Sheffield the Spanish senior national team won all games to finish ahead of the U18 teams from higher-ranked countries. The Polish juniors were closest but after scoreless 60 minutes the Spaniards also won that game. The Polish U18 team finished in second place ahead of Hungary and Great Britain.

France, which was promoted to the top division, was less lucky and was blanked by Slovakia in all three games on home ice in Vaujany where the team won the Division I tournament one year ago.

U18 Women's Four Nations Tournament in Dmitrov, Russia
6 Nov.   Germany  -  Sweden   1-2
6 Nov.   Russia  -  Finland   5-2
7 Nov.   Sweden  -  Finland   3-0
7 Nov.   Germany  -  Russia   1-6
8 Nov.   Finland  -  Germany   6-0
8 Nov.   Russia  -  Sweden   2-1
Standings: 1. Russia 9, 2. Sweden 6, 3. Finland 3, 4. Germany 0
U18 Granatium Trophy in Radenthein & Spittel, Austria
5 Nov.   Switzerland  -  Slovakia   2-1 SO
6 Nov.   Italy  -  Slovakia   2-5
6 Nov.   Austria  -  Switzerland   4-3
7 Nov.   Switzerland  -  Italy   2-3
7 Nov.   Slovakia  -  Austria   3-2 SO
8 Nov.   Austria  -  Italy   4-0
Standings: 1. Austria 7, 2. Slovakia 6, 3. Italy 3, 4. Switzerland 2
U18 Women's Four Nations Tournament in Sheffield, Great Britain
6 Nov.   Spain (Sr)  -  Poland   1-0 OT
6 Nov.   Great Britain  -  Hungary   1-7
7 Nov.   Poland  -  Hungary   1-0
7 Nov.   Great Britain  -  Spain (Sr)   1-6
8 Nov.   Hungary  -  Spain (Sr)   0-7
8 Nov.   Great Britain  -  Poland   2-4
Standings: 1. Spain (Sr) 8, 2. Poland 7, 3. Hungary 3, 4. Great Britain 0
U18 Women's exhibition games in Vaujany, France
22 Oct.   France  -  Slovakia   0-4
23 Oct.   France  -  Slovakia   0-6
24 Oct.   France  -  Slovakia   0-5


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